The Largest Non-Insurance Based Dental Support Organisation in Australia!


At Maven Dental, we’re experts in our field and we know that oral health is the foundation of wellbeing.

Our clinician partners are passionate about excellence in everything they do. They focus on the best possible patient experience, embrace opportunities to learn, and appreciate being supported with the day-to-day running of their business.

With a focus on work life balance, autonomy in your dentistry and financial growth, Maven Dental will support you to pursue your goals and deliver clinical excellence in a supported environment.



Maven Dental has developed an educational framework. A variety of pre-recorded clinicial and compliance educational webinars are available to you on our learning portal. In addition to this Maven Clinicians have access to co-funding courses that have been organised at competitive rates.

Our learning and development opportunities are aimed at improving the capability of our clinical network and further strengthening the delivery of clinical care to patient

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Our in-house marketing and operations teams work collaboratively to ensure your practice's patient flow is maintained. 

Backed by highly experienced professionals and utilising a variety of marketing and media platforms your practice will continue fostering loyal patients whilst getting a steady stream of new patients.

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Through the sharing of knowledge and collaboration within the Maven Dental network of clinicians, The Maven Dental Clinical Team works together to develop clinical best practice for the benefit of our partnering clinicians.

Led by Dr Fred Calavassy, our Clinical Advisory Board guides our organisation to provide support for partnering clinicians across Health & Safety, Preferred Supplier Agreements, and Compliance with Legislation.

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At Maven Dental, your success is our success. We have the knowledge, tools & team to support you to grow your revenue and achieve your financial goals. 

Understand your fees, grow your practice's and your revenue, and take your dentistry to the next level with Personalised dashboards and analytics. 

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Our Partnering Clinicians receive support from a dedicated team of professionals both in their immediate practice and through the dedicated support centre.


At practice level, you will find experienced Practice Managers, Dental Assistants and Receptionists who prioritise patient wellbeing and excellence in everything they do. 

Your practice team is further supported by our Support Centre made up of specialists in key business areas

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At Maven Dental we respect and value your clinical knowledge and experience. You will have the freedom to practice dentistry in a way that meets your regulatory requirements and allows you the best opportunity to provide exceptional patient care.

We focus on supporting you to deliver high-quality dental care and expand your career by providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure the delivery of clinical excellence for each and every patient.

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With over 100 locations across the country Maven Dental is the largest non-insurance based dental support organisation in Australia, and we're ready to keep growing.

But to do that we need excellent dentists to partner with. 

Dentists that thrive on delivering exceptional patient outcomes and are looking for opportunities to learn and grow their careers.

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